Republican Taryn Bowman announces the endorsement of former Georgia Congressman Bob Barr. Bowman is running as the Republican for House District 40 in the Republican Primary on May 22. Barr is a resident and homeowner in House District 40.

“Taryn Bowman is the constitutional conservative my fellow District 40 residents and I can trust to send to the Gold Dome as our representative. Her belief in the limited role of government and the importance of the liberty of the individual make her the right choice. I am proud to support her and hope you will join me in voting for Taryn in the May 22 Republican Primary.” – Congressman Bob Barr

Bob Barr represented Georgia’s 7th District in the United States Congress from 1995-2003. Previously, Barr served as US Attorney for the North District of Georgia (1986-1990) and an official for the Central Intelligence Agency (1971-1978).

Bowman expressed her appreciation and acceptance of the endorsement.

“Our campaign is a Team of Champions and Congressman Bob Barr has been a champion for the cause of liberty and our constitutional rights for decades. He has long stood strong for our conservative principles of limited government, individual freedom, and personal responsibility. We share these principles, and I am pleased to have his endorsement in this campaign to serve the people of Georgia.”


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