Issues for House District 40

Education: We must localize public school control, empowering teachers and parents to drive innovation in the classroom. We must also ensure that each child has a place that best suits his or her needs and allows every student to thrive. We need early childhood education for all Georgians and increased vocational training to fill the jobs in our growing economy with local workers.

Transportation: The best solutions for transportation will start at the local level, allowing communities to craft solutions best suited for their residents. We must implement 21st century solutions now and find ways to use technology, existing roads, highways, and railways to craft these solutions without burdening taxpayers with new, expensive expansion projects.

Taxes: I celebrate the recent announcement of reducing Georgia’s income tax, but we can do more! The new fees that are being tacked onto new legislation must end, and I support the passage of any legislation that requires any fees that are collected go only to their explicit purpose.  I would like to reduce our state income tax as to compete with surrounding Southeastern States and gradually move towards its elimination.

Opioid Crisis: The growing addiction to opioids in Georgia is at a crisis point. We must engage leaders at all levels to aggressively fight the illicit distribution of legal opioids and provide treatment to those addicted in order to avoid further abuse.

Ending Sex Trafficking: Atlanta’s distinction as an international center for sex trafficking is an unwelcome one. State resources must be poured into finding and punishing the purveyors of this despicable practice and provide protection to the young men and women that are often dragged into such a situation against their will.

Elder Abuse: We have an aging population, and there are predators who find targets to exploit. Our State has an obligation to protect seniors by providing resources and training to local authorities who are in a position to serve at-risk individuals.

Senior Tax Exemption: Seniors must be provided tax relief by passing a Fulton County senior school tax exemption as well as ensuring Cobb County continues to provide one to the seniors living there.  There are too many seniors living on fixed incomes that have paid their dues and deserve a well-earned and much needed tax break.