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  • 23 Jan 2020 5:44 PM | Bowman for House (Administrator)

    Vinings Historic Preservation Society president, Tom Ham, endorses Taryn Bowman

    Since joining the Vinings Historic Preservation Society board more than a year ago, Taryn Bowman has been an indispensable part of the team. The energy that she brings to everything she does is frankly amazing - her organization skills, her understanding of the community and its needs, and the relationships that she has - all have helped us tremendously. It is easy to see how the broader needs of District 40 will be well served by her drive, knowledge, and experience. I heartily endorse Taryn and encourage everyone to vote for her in November!

  • 1 Jan 2020 11:28 PM | Bowman for House (Administrator)

    Two people whom I greatly respect as two of the most community focused leaders and generous people I know were taken from us too early.   I look to both Barbara Hickey and James Shepherd as role models, advisers, and true champions for their causes. I am honored to have had their endorsements and their friendships.

    Barbara Hickey

    I am proud to support Taryn Bowman for GA State House District 40. Taryn is a resourceful and confident woman committed to serving the citizens of our community. She has already accomplished so much for District 40. The outstanding work she has done to advocate for our neighborhoods, support public safety, and her dedication to education make Taryn Bowman the right choice to get the job done in the State House.

    James Shepherd

    I am pleased to support Taryn Bowman for State House. She brings vision for a better Georgia and understands the hard work necessary to move forward. Georgia will have a better future because of her experience, effectiveness, and understanding of the issues.
  • 1 Dec 2019 4:57 PM | Bowman for House (Administrator)

    The beloved 34 year Mayor of Smyrna, Max Bacon, endorses Taryn to serves his district as State House Representative.

  • 3 Nov 2019 5:12 PM | Bowman for House (Administrator)

    Newly elected Smyrna City Councilman and second-generation Smyrna native, Travis Lindley, endorses Taryn as his next State House Representative.

  • 3 Jul 2019 4:36 PM | Bowman for House (Administrator)

    Shannan and former Senator Hunter Hill endorse Taryn for State House District 40 where the Hill family lives.

  • 20 Mar 2019 11:22 PM | Bowman for House (Administrator)

    Barbara & Caoch Vince Dooley

    Barbara and I are excited to endorse Taryn Bowman in her race for Georgia House District 40. This district and the entire State of Georgia need her experience and proven track record from the work she’s done in her community for decades. She’s the kind of leader Georgia needs.
  • 20 Feb 2018 11:24 PM | Bowman for House (Administrator)

    Julie Blanchard & Herschel Walker

    Taryn is a champion for our community. She plays to win, has accomplished great things for all of us, and is always willing to go the distance to advocate for our neighborhoods. For these reasons, we fully endorse Taryn Bowman for our District 40 State House Representative. Please join me on Taryn's Team of Champions with your support and vote!
  • 20 Jan 2018 11:18 PM | Bowman for House (Administrator)

    Bob Barr

    Taryn Bowman is the constitutional conservative whom my fellow District 40 residents and I can trust to send to the Gold Dome as our representative. Her belief in the limited role of government and the importance of the liberty of the individual make her the right choice. I am proud to support her and hope you will join me in voting for Taryn!
  • 19 Jan 2018 10:00 AM | Bowman for House (Administrator)

    Lifelong Republican meets, endorses Taryn Bowman


    After almost two years of various and sundry problems with the internet, I finally got back on line with my home computer and am now able comment on some of the items I see in the Around Town column. One of the items that caught my eye in the April 24 column was Barbara Hickey’s endorsement of Taryn Bowman for the 40th District House following the retirement of Smyrna citizen Rep. Rich Golick. I’ve known Barbara Hickey ever since she abandoned her Democratic upbringing and joined the Cobb Republican party many years ago.

    A day or so after that, I was on my computer in the house and heard someone and it turned out to be Taryn Bowman, whom I had never met. Having served as District Chairman for several of Cobb’s districts in the past and a member of the many of the State Republican Committees since the 1960s, I invited her into the house for a long chat. In the next 30 minutes or so, I learned about her interest in politics, her family and her beliefs. At that point, I heard someone else coming up the steps and it turned out to be Scott Johnson, another Republican of mine who has visited in my home on occasions and is currently helping Taryn with her campaign. To make a long story short, Scott put up Elect Taryn signs a few feet from an Elect Hunter Hill for Georgia Governor.

    Thanks to Barbara, Taryn and Scott, an 88-year-old lifetime Republican had a pleasant day and hopefully, everyone lives happily ever after.

    Harold Smith


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